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MT35 is a wireless 2G Asset GPS Tracker or personal tracker with 2900mAH battery, it comes with SOS button, temperature sensor and quick charge function, and it’s ideally suitable for asset tracking and personal tracking.

    Rechargeable ultra-long standby position and monitor terminal 
    built in with 2900mah industrial grade rechargeable polymer lithium battery
    Built in High-sensitivity G-sensor, suppress the static drift and automatically switch the working mode.
    Built in temperature sensor 
    Support quick charge 
    Supports OTA upgrading, reduce maintenance on site
    History playback, Blind data storage, Cornering compensation
    Supports 2 guardian numbers to remote monitoring and receiving alarms
    IP68 rated 


    ◆  Position and monitor

    ◆  GPS, AGPS, LBS ,Wifi ,Positioning

    ◆  Cornering compensation

    ◆  Over-Speed alarm

    ◆  Low Battery Low Voltage alarm

    ◆  Blind Zone Compensation

    ◆  Intelligent remote control

    ◆  Mileage statistics

    ◆  Temperature detect

    ◆  Battery charge and discharge protection

      Characteristics   Description
      Battery   Rechargeable polymer lithium battery (3.7V, 5600mAH)
      Working current   Average current <60mA@3.7V;
      Sleep current   <2mA@3.7V
      Recharge   Micro-USB port charge, support quick charge
      Communication   2G:GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900MHz
      GPS   Support GPS, AGPS and LBS
      WIFI   Built in WIFI chip,Support WIFI function
      Antenna type   Built in GSM ,GPS and Wifi antenna
      SOS   Support SOS function for emergency alarm
      Temperature sensor   Built in temperature sensor, to detect environmental temperature
      LED Indicator   GSM, GPS, battery
      Remote upgrade(FOTA)   Support remote configuration and firmware upgrade
      Wake up   Built G-sensor, to detect the device is in static or motion status
      Multiple IP   Support multiple IPs connecting at same time
      Working time   Working:30 seconds    Standby :10 minutes
      Dimension   85mm*51mm*20mm
      Environment   Working temperature:-20℃~70℃;    Storage temperature:-40℃~+85℃;
      IP rating   IP68