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Kingwo Trailer Tracking Solution

Kingwo Trailer Tracking Solution

Challenge :There have been many incidents of trailers being stolen abroad.

Solution : When connect with the main power to get the real time tracking trace for logistic monitoring,while trailers separated which long time battery is required.

Results :Effect: Reduce theft losses as much as possible and ensure the safety of goods and vehicles in real time

The important role of GPS tracker in trailer tracking

In today's connected world, GPS technology has revolutionized countless industries, especially transportation. An example of its successful application is trailer tracking, which makes the job of managing and monitoring a fleet of trailers not only easier, but also safer.

Logistics companies need to ensure efficient tracking of their large fleets of trailers. The challenges are complex: from monitoring the precise location of the trailer to ensuring its safe transport and, ultimately, its ability to park safely in its designated location. To address these challenges, the logistics company chose to install GPS positioning equipment on trailers and use a GPS monitoring platform.

It turns out that GPS monitoring is very necessary. For example, during routine transportation, if the team has a trailer that veers off course and heads to an unintended destination. Thanks to the early detection, the company was able to take corrective action and redirect the trailer back on course, preventing potential damage.

In addition, GPS data can also monitor vehicle mileage, driving time, driving route, as well as real-time fuel level, temperature and humidity detection. It is convenient for logistics companies to know the vehicle and transportation status at the first time.

All in all, GPS trackers in trailers have become an important tool for logistics companies. They enhance safety, improve operational efficiency and provide a competitive advantage in today's ultra-competitive transportation industry. As GPS technology continues to evolve, its role in trailer tracking may become even more important.
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